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As an artist I find myself constantly excavating from my mental archive. The findings and how I choose to translate them into sculptures or paintings depend on my current situation, location and inspiration. One of my re-occurring preoccupation is with remnants of the past, especially churches and towers, structures of power and strength that had been taken over by the inevitable and ever-present process of decay. Entitled “watch towers” I topped these structures with women’s faces that expressed a kind of dream state. The creation of paintings showing very simplified gothic arches fused in transcending light complimented these early watch towers (2000 – 2004).

Between the years 2005 and 2010 I have dealt with structures for the female body, namely corsets, that express various facets of feminine power and self-protection. Called “”Pret-a-porter” I fashioned some of the corsets in sizes small, medium and large. Some of these ceramic garments can be seen as armour while others appear more playful and erotic.  

At present I am working with the invisible structure that holds us physically together: our bones. Inspired by some of the creations of the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen I am visually trying to show how precious and magically beautiful our bones, the elements of our inner structure and strength are. 

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